The Runner Stumbles

When I was in Seattle over St. Patrick's Day for our Province Assembly, I was able to visit for a bit with Sr. Marguerite Morrissey. She had recently been diagnosed with a terminal illness and was receiving hospice care at our province headquarters. I think the entire province traipsed through her room over those days to say goodbye. She was gracious and elegant as always, even from her perch in her hospital bed. She seemed ready to face what might come her way.

Marguerite trained at the American Academy of Dramatic Art and performed on Broadway before she entered the community in 1953. As a Sister of St Joseph of Peace, she ministered as a principal, in our formation program, and as as administrator of our province headquarters. She also received Masters Degrees in Theology and Theater Arts.

In later years, Marguerite returned to her love of acting. She was a technical advisor and played the role of Sister Immaculata in the 1979 film The Runner Stumbles.

Marguerite was also a woman of justice. She worked to alleviate the root causes of poverty, worked for peace and was a strong advocate for the people of Iraq. I have a friend that recently moved to Seattle and got to know Marguerite through her parish. Even in her late 80's, Marguerite was a dynamo on the parish social justice committee.

We received word this week that Marguerite passed away. The wake is tonight in Seattle and the funeral is tomorrow. I am sorry that I didn't get to know her better and that I won't be there to say goodbye, but I am grateful for my last visit with her in March.

Our community did not have very many deaths in recent years, but so far this year we have said goodbye to women who were quite simply put, giants. Women of faith, original characters who lived life to the fullest. It is an honor and a privilege to have the opportunity to get to know them and to follow in their footsteps. Hopefully I won't stumble too much ...


xsquared said...

Once again, please accept my condolances on the loss of your Sister. You and your fellow groovy sisters are, as always, in my prayers.

Anonymous said...

Dear Susan,
Very well said...
"...Women of faith, original characters who lived life to the fullest...", that's what I love about the sisters/CSJP. That's certainly characters I aspire to, too.
p.s. thanks for posting the tree with those pom-pom leaves.