I graduated today ... from buttering toast to serving eggs, bacon and sausage at the day center. (By the way, british bacon is an entirely different creature although it comes from the same creature surely).

After breakfast I had my orientation to the education center, and then helped one client look for a job online and helped two others set up e-mail accounts. I'm happy for the opportunity to interact more one-on-one with the clients and share my computer experience.

I also listened to Disc One of Harry Potter 7 (a gift from my friend Jackie) on the bus today. A double decker bus mind you, where I like to sit in the front seat! :) I found myself thinking I must get to Kings Cross and look for what else but Platform 9 and 3/4.

I then came home to an e-mail from a friend asking me: "How long before we have a photo posted of you at Kings Cross waiting for the Hogwarts Express?". What is they say about Great Minds??? Or rather, silly ones?!

I get up well before the crack of down in order to be in Central London by breakfast, so I must cut this post short and head to bed.


Jason nSJ said...

What we call simply "bacon" in the U.S. is sometimes called "streaky bacon" in other English-speaking countries, while what the British refer to simply as "bacon," we might call "back bacon."

Michelle said...

British bacon IS a different creature from ours -- as I found when I went there and my boyfriend has discovered upon coming here. I guess that's why we designate Canadian bacon by its place of origin. Each country's bacon is so different. ;)

I need to talk to the library about getting Harry Potter on CD. Hope you're enjoying listening to it on those big red double deckers there. Can't think of a better place. :)