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Bloggy friend Sister Julie has some great musings on St. Teresa of Avila, whose feast is coming up a week from today.

Teresa was in the convent school with the Augustinian Nuns (see previous post) for about a year and a half. She says that although she grew closer to God, “I still had no desire to be a nun, and I asked God not to give me this vocation” (Life 3.2). But, she notes,

“By the end of this period of time in which I stayed there I was more favorable to the thought of being a nun, although not in that house, for there were things I was afterward to understand were most virtuous that seemed to me to be too extreme…. These good thoughts about being a nun sometimes came to me, and then would go away; and I could not be persuaded to be one.” (Life 3.2)

"I still had no desire to be a nun." "These good thoughts about being a nun sometimes came to me, and then would go away."

I could well have written those words - not to compare myself with a Saint! But I think God is persistent with us. And I also think God dreams dreams for us that we can only imagine, and sometimes we only get a glimmer of them now and again.

From what I know of Teresa - and after all the Church has named her a Doctor of the Church as well as a Saint - God had big dreams for her, and it's comforting to know that it took a while for Teresa to catch up with him!

We're not all called to such radical life choices, but we are all called I think to risk. Risk to make our corner of the world a better place. Risk to live the good life, rather than the easy one. Risk to be vulnerable with those we love. It is by no means easy, discerning God's dreams for us. Which is one reason why I love our communion of saints - real life people who have struggled and lived the life of faith before us, leaving a road map of hints of just how to go about it.

Thanks Julie!


Veritas said...

I came here from Sr. Julie's after reading your comment there. It's great when one post inspires another, and I too love to think of the communion of saints. Our faith has so many beautiful aspects to it, so many reasons for saying yes to God and His wisdom and will for us.

DJC said...

Even in todays crazy world, you can find saints. I am always touched by some of the ordinary people who do so many wonderful things. Working with Habitat I've always been amazed at the people who work hard all week, then come out on a saturday, their day off, and do hard physical labor. They are just trying to help their fellow man.

Tess said...

Great post, I love your paragraph about risk. So very true and so very challenging.

Anonymous said...

you said, thanks julie.
i said, thank you.

Susan Rose, CSJP said...

you're v. welcome, v!

thanks everyone for your comments.