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A little bit ago I read this story in the Guardian while I drank my cup of afternoon tea: "Falkland War Veterans return to islands."

Two hundred and fifty Falklands war veterans - many still suffering psychological trauma from the conflict - will return to the islands this week.

Their arrival and tour around local battlefields is timed to coincide with the 25th annual Remembrance Day Service since the 1982 Argentinian invasion.

Then I checked my e-mail to learn that a postcard I sent my friend Jason in West Virginia had already been to the Falkland Islands by mistake.

Hey Susan,

I just received your postcard dated 30 September.

It's stamped "Missent to Falkland Islands."
Weird. There was a postal strike here in the UK, but mistaking West Virginia for the Falkland Islands???

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Jason nSJ said...

Well, they're both pretty forlorn places if you've never been there.