the mooooovies

Those of you who know me in real life and not just online know that this is very true ....

Your Movie Buff Quotient: 76%

You are a total movie buff. Classics, blockbusters, indie favorites... you've seen most of them.

Your friends know to come to you whenever they need a few good DVD rental suggestions.

I love, as my friends Katie & CoCo call them, the mooooooovies. Watching them on tv or video just isn't the same. There's something about the dark theater and the big screen that makes paying the overly priced admission fee worthwhile - or at least seems so!

I've been in Jersey City a week and a half and I've already found a theater where matinees before noon on Saturday are only $6. (Sad that I can write "only" and "$6." But as addictions go, movies aren't that bad of a one to have.) And I must also admit that it makes me feel more at home, knowing that I have a safe place to sneak off to see a movie on a Saturday morning ... after mass of course!

Yes Virginia ... nuns go to the movies too!


Garpu said...

I think there's a big difference between seeing a movie on a TV (or monitor) and on a big screen.

Hrm...I should watch "Memento" again. That's one film I always catch more of upon subsequent viewings.

Katie said...

When I first saw you got 76% I was shocked that it was so low, but as I read on I saw that the description is you. I miss my movie friend!

PS: When I saw the name of this blog entry on my RRS feed I had a feeling CoCo and I would be mentioned!

Susan Rose Francois, CSJP said...

Did I tell you I'm living with a cat named CoCo????? :) And my allergy medicine seems to be working thankfully. It is awfully strange to address a cat with the name you normally reserve for one of your best friends!

Susan Rose Francois, CSJP said...

Oooh ... forgot to mention Garpu that Memento is an awesome film. I used to own it in fact, but I think it went the way of the rest of my superfluous belonging in the rummage sale of '06.

Anonymous said...

I agreed with "Turtle Lady's" comment - I was surprised you only scored 76%. There's nothing like the big screen! I've seen a lot of movies, but not the ones listed on the quiz - I only scored 30%. Guess I'll have to pick it up!

Anonymous said...

I beat you on the movie quotient for a change - 88%. Which makes it all the more amazing that I have seen scarcely any of the movies nominated for best picture this year. But I surely shae your love of the mooooooooooooovies and preference fro the big screen over DVD. Some of my most moving artistic and even spiritual experiences have been sitting in cinematic darkness - for example, seeing Babette's Feast for the first time.