Helen Prejean at York Street

Back when I was first telling people I knew that I was leaving my life as a bureaucrat to become a nun, I'd often say something like "More Dead Man Walking than Sister Act" - just to clarify what sort of Sister I was becoming.

Well, tonight I will have the priviledge of hearing the woman who gave me that analogy by virtue of her life of love and service that somehow made it to the big screen. Sr. Helen Prejean is the special guest at a benefit for one of our ministries here in Jersey Ciy - the York Street Project. It's a pricey event, but I was lucky in that somebody gave me a ticket!

The York Street project is located on a City block where our Sisters have ministered since 1885. Over the years the building has been a home for orphaned children, a methadone treatment center, and offices and printing presses for our magazine. Since 1989 its been home to the York Street Project, which consists of four programs: Kenmare Alternative High School, St Mary's Residence for Women, St Joseph's Home for Families, and the Nurturing Place. Each year, these programs provide education, housing, counseling, early childhood development care, and job-readiness and life skills training to more than 250 women and children of Jersey City and surrounding Hudson County.

It should be a great evening. But for now, off to mass and then work. Happy Ascension Thursday!

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Sister Juliet, RSCJ said...

Oh, I hope it was good! I heard her speak at a commencement ceremony several years ago, and it was inspiring.

I like the way you characterize your order with movies. That is always a tough question to answer appropriately.