Meet Ricola

I've adopted a virtual puppy on Facebook. I was telling one of our Sisters about my virtual puppy tonight, and thought I'd post a picture of her here so she could see her ...

I joined facebook last fall mostly because my niece, nephews and brothers are on it ... and to keep in touch with long lost friends and cousins. But it also has some fun little toys like the virtual buttons application and pet pupz. Sometimes life gets too serious and you need a little bit of silly fun - like naming, feeding and playing with your virtual puppy.

I always thought that if I had the pleasure to name a dog, I'd want to name her Ricola. Just imagine standing at the back door calling her to come home! (Pop culture reference there - think cough drop commercial).


Sister Juliet, RSCJ said...

She's precious! I love the cough drop reference..

I tried a real dog last summer. It was completely unsuccessful. He liked to do his business inside the apartment (yuck). Perhaps I should find a virtual pet...their messes are easier to deal with!

LB said...

Now I want a Facebook puppy! SO CUTE.