It's been over a year since our intercommunity novitiate program ended. For those who weren't reading the blog last year or don't remember what this was, basically it was a program run by the Religious Formation Conference for canonical novices in the New York area. We had some great presenters, but the main benefit was that we had a large peer group of novices from a variety of religious communities. It also gave me great hope for the future of our church!

In the past week we've had mini-reunions with a few of our classmates. Last week we ran into one of the Carmelite Novices (now a student as they only have a one year novitiate) at our retreat house on the shore. He gave us news that one of his classmates will be doing his ministry experience in a nearby town, so hopefully we'll have a chance for a mini-reunion with him this summer.

Today my fellow novice & I traveled to the motherhouse of another one of our other classmates for a visit and lunch. She's been approved for vows (August 16) and is getting ready to start serious vow prep. She looked really happy.

We're all going our own ways as we continue on this journey. I hope we continue to stay in touch!

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