settling in

Today is day two back at the Novitiate House. I still haven't really unpacked (and still have a few odds and ends to pick up at my Jersey City House on Friday). I'm also still sorting out my to do list and looking forward to what lies ahead in the coming days/weeks/months. It's odd to be back but at the same time good to be back. Funny how that goes ...

Some of you may remember the tree outside my window here at the Novitiate. While I've been gallivanting about this year (London, Jersey City, etc...) the tree has stayed put. But it's been going through some changes as well. Not only is it now full up with its slightly ugly green leaves that block my view of NYC, but I discovered that it's also gained a spotlight! I guess they've added some security lights to the outside of the house, but the result is that when I look out my window at night, the spotlight is shining on my tree.

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