Margaret Anna ... Master Jedi?

I'm re-reading some of the materials we received at our Vows workshop earlier this year. Our presenter (and frequent blog visitor Terry) gave us a great little handout of quotes by our founder, Margaret Anna Cusack. Under Poverty he listed this one, which is from her book The Spouse of Christ:
In God's name let us resolve from this moment to become saints - nothing less will do; and let us remember that to become saints we must do he will of God. Talking and wishing and beginning will not be sufficient ... Our sanctity is doing our ordinary duties and living our ordinary life perfectly ... The saints did just the same things we do. They ate and drank and slept and took recreation; some of them never undertook any extraordinary actions; yet they were saints. ~ Margaret Anna Cusack

Reflecting on this again, I was reminded of the words of Master Yoda: "Try not. Do or do not. There is no try."

Then I realized .... I've had this realization (and blogged about it) before!!!

Either my memory is really bad, or this is something I need to remember. Or both!

More "Jedi" wisdom from Margaret Anna:
As the inordinate desire of riches and worldly possessions is the principal cause of wars and dissensions which destroy nations and disturb the peace of families, the Sisters of Peace will find in the sacrifice which they make by this vow a glorious means of obtaining a spirit of peace for themselves and others.

The first step in every life of high sanctity is just today; is just this very moment. Why will we not take that step that will lead us into the deepest depths of the heart of Jesus?

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