Post-Election Day Prayer

(Adapted from Prayers for a Privileged People by Water Brueggemann)

Post-Election Day

You Creator God
who has ordered us
in families and communities
in clans and tribes
in states and nations.

You creator God
who enact your governance
in ways overt and
in ways hidden.
You exercise your will for
peace and for justice and for freedom.

We give you thanks for the peaceable order of
our nation and for the chance of choosing--
all the manipulative money notwithstanding.

We pray now for new governance
that your will and purpose may prevail,
that our leaders may have sense
of justice and goodness,
that we as citizens may care about the
public face of your purpose.

(and I add to this prayer....)

Watch over our new president-elect--
keep him safe and sound.
Watch over our proud and diverse citizenry,
heal our divisions and
grant us whatever it is that we need to
truly become
that more perfect union long promised
and often wished for.

May peace prevail
in our homes, our nation, our world.
May all your children grow in awareness
that we are one.
May neighbor watch over neighbor.
May your kindom come.


Anonymous said...

Can I copy this?


PS: I always read your site but never commented before. I really enjoy it.

Susan Rose, CSJP said...

Sure, since I borrowed/adapted it myself.

just be sure to reference that it's adapted from a prayer by Walter Brueggemann

Thanks for commenting!

opxphile said...

Hope you don't mind, but I used part of your prayer on my blog today too. Thank you for the great words!

You may already know this but there's a group of 7 Dominican Congregations who are forming a new institute... Dominican Sisters of Peace. Which makes me a peace sister once removed, I think. :-)


Blessings! Oh, and do I have your mailing address? Got something to send.