6th Anniversary of the War

As a Sister of St. Joseph of Peace, I find it sad but necessary to have to mark St. Joseph's Day by praying for Peace in Iraq. This is of course because our country started our war on Iraq on St. Joseph's Day six years ago today.

President Obama has promised to withdraw the troops by May 20, 2010 which means - hopefully - that one day I won't find it necessary to write this post like I did last year (on the 5th anniversary) and the year before that (on the 4th anniversary) and the year before that (on the 3rd anniversary). I've always wondered what St. Joseph thinks about the war starting on his feast day.

Since the start of the war, more than 1 million Iraqi Civilians have died. More than 11,000 Iraqi security forces aligned with the US coalition have been killed. More than 4,250 US military members have been killed - more than 31,000 seriously injured. Over 300 military members from other Countries have been killed. Over 1,300 Contractors have been killed. 136 journalists and 51 media support workers have been killed.

  • Pray for Peace.

  • If you are so inclined, march for peace - you can find an event in your local area here and here.

  • Attend the virtual vigil on Facebook.

  • Take the 5/20/10 pledge - ask the President to live up to his pledge to withdraw the troops and end the war by that date.

  • But most importantly, pray for those who have lost loved ones. And pray for peace.

God of Peace, grant peace to the people of Iraq, the United States and the entire world. Give us the strength and wisdom to follow the path of peace. May Joseph's life of faith inspire us to trust in your abiding love, especially in times of struggle and uncertaintly. We ask this in Jesus' name. Amen.

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