Today I turn (gasp) 37! While I was on retreat I realized that I’m turning the age that my mother was when she had me. I of course am a newer member in religious life, which means I’m in a world where 37 is young, young, young!

When my mother had me, her 5th child, at the ripe age of 37 approaching 38, she’d already been married 12 years. I’d always considered her older when she’d had me. And, compared to most of my friend’s moms she was older.

I found myself thinking of my mom a bit on this retreat. She was truly a contemplative woman at heart. She would have basked in the quiet and chance to just be…

As for me, I’m going to be spending the bulk of my birthday on an airplane. I’m heading back to New Jersey for the first time since I left the Novitiate last September for a community meeting. I’ll be staying next door to the Novitiate in fact. The week will be busy with prayer and committee work, but it will also be good to visit with some faces I haven’t seen in the past year.


Richard said...

Happy Birthday Sr. Susan!

Tomasino said...

Happy Birthday, Sister! Have fun in the garden state. Hit up a diner with your sisters if you get a chance.

Unknown said...

You were born... and the Universe rejoiced... :-)

and you are missing the heat... now there is a b-dy present!