Construction Zone

The building next to the retreat center was under construction. Or more accurately “de-construction” for the purpose of renovation. It was a grand old Victorian House. The noise wasn’t too distracting, and it gave me an image as I began my retreat.

Here I was, eleven months after my last retreat … ten months after stepping swiftly back into the world of active ministry … nine months after answering God’s call to seek justice, to love tenderly, and to walk in the way of peace, vowing to God poverty, celibacy and obedience for 3 years …

Perhaps, I thought, I was in need of a bit of de-construction and re-creation myself?

Are there parts that need to be pulled away to make room for God? To live a life of love and service more faithfully? Yes … as I discovered over the days of the retreat (and there are hints to that inner journey in the retreat prayer I shared on Friday).

How about you?

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dmkorman said...

I think that anyone who takes time for serious introspection will find areas that require work if we are to take seriously the mission of living in accord with God’s will. Of course, the first imperative of the mission is trying to discover what truly is God’s will.

It is often difficult in the hustle and bustle of our lives to discern divine will. Most of us are pretty talented in conning ourselves into believing that what we personally desire is necessarily in accord with God’s plan. Often, the person to whom we lie the most, is the one we see in the mirror.

Retreats help us to distinguish between the noise and God’s “voice.” God is always “speaking,” (through a myriad of ways) and retreats can sharpen our hearing.

When we are pretty confident we have heard correctly, it is amazing the amount of strength that gives us to do the deconstruction, construction and re-creation required.

I look forward to your sharing more insights about how to better live as Micah implored.