Retro Reality Check

I had a meeting on campus at Seattle University this afternoon so I decided to stay on campus and get some of my mounds of reading for class done. I was enjoying the music mix (Weezer, Built to Spill and the Pixies) when I realized ... This is the soundtrack of MY college years, and I started college 20 years ago. Before many of the kids around me on campus were born and when others were toddlers.

What for me are oldie but goodies are for them retro indie songs from the 90s.

It is rare in my religious life that I feel old. Good to have the occasional reality check.

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Unknown said...

Haha, this post rang a few bells, Sister! It's quite freaky looking at the kids around town now, knowing that most of them were born when I was at high school or university! Worrying.

Blessings - and hope the study is gong well!

Sr Therese