Father Daughter Time

Sorry for the (unannounced) blog break. I was in DC for a few days visiting my father. Regular blog readers may remember that my Dad faced some health challenges last year. He's doing better, and settling into his new routine at the assisted living center. I talk to him on the phone most days, but it was good to be there in person and be able to see first hand how he is doing. He now requires more assistance than in the past, but we are very lucky that he is in a position to be able to afford the care that he needs.

The last few times I visited, Dad was still in the nursing home. It was good to see him back in his apartment, surrounded by pictures of his loved ones and mementos. He also has access to his computer, and he's been very busy the past few months finishing up the work on his memoirs.

We spent time this weekend working on his memoirs. I used my editing skills to help polish the manuscript. It was great to read all about his childhood and learn more about my family. Over the years I've heard dribs and drabs of stories, but it was nice to read it all together. Two highlights were reading the story of my parents' courtship and how my Mom and Dad together got involved in local Maryland politics.

Once the book is finished and published (my brother is going to help Dad self-publish) it will be a great gift to future generations of Francois folk!

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