world according to dogs

Many years ago in my single girl life in Portland, I invited a friend's dog to spend a few days with me on Christmas while her human was visiting family.  She had oodles of energy and I didn't have a yard, an equation which led to many walks in the neighborhood.  I'd lived in the neighborhood for years, and I went on walks pretty frequently myself, but with a cute dog attached to me by a leash I met all sorts of people I'd never talked to before.

Flash forward about ten years.  I'm house sitting for some Sisters in a small town in the Seattle metro area.  Really it's a suburb, but it has a cute downtown area with lots of sidewalk cafes, shops, etc...  The house sitting gig comes with, you guessed it, a cute 4 year old lab mix named Sadie.  I've been dog sitting a little over 24 hours, and I've already met quite a few complete strangers thanks to the blond bombsell at the end of the leash and the nearby walk-able downtown area.

I'm going to be spending a few days here so will get lots of exercise and meet many folks (even if the extent of the conversation is, what a nice dog!).  The house is also located on a little lake, so will be nice to relax and get some projects done in the company of my four legged friend.

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