Back to Life

"Back to life ... back to reality. Back to the here and now yeah." ~ Soul II Soul

High School flash back ... "Back to Life" by Soul II Soul.

This song has been going through my head this evening, now that my life with my temporary dog is over.  I am back home, back to my own life, and happily so.  It was nice spending time with my furry friend and having a quiet space to relax and spend the labor day weekend, but there is something about being home as well!

Summer is also over as far as the calendar is concerned, even if the equinox is still a few weeks away.  Of course we've also just started our summer weather here in Seattle, so it's quite warm as I write this and it's hard to imagine the cool of fall coming soon.  It will come, I know, and even though I long for the autumn rains I'll soon be tired of them.  I know.

But for now, I'm in the now.  Unpacking.  Settling back into my new space. Settling back into the here and now.

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