Jersey Girl

For the next week, I will be in the great state of New Jersey.  No, I'm not a Jersey Girl, although I did live there for a time during my novitiate.  However, we do have oodles of CSJP community there so I head back from time to time.  I leave early in the am to travel across the continent via the wonders of air travel.

I am going to be staying at east coast groovy sister hq for the week, the same property in fact where I lived during my novitiate.  I'm looking forward to catching up with some of my favorite wisdom women, walking the grounds, catching sight perhaps of the turkeys and groundhogs, joking with the staff, checking out the color du jour of the lights on the empire state building (this picture is the view from a nearby park--our house is right on the Hudson across from NYC), and other assorted things.

My main reason for heading back is for our CSJP Care of Creation and Climate Change committee (I've written about the committee before).  We do most of our work long distance via conference call and email, but find that it helps to actually get all the committee members, from the UK, East & West Coast of US, together in one room every once in a while!

I'll also be giving two Human Trafficking presentations while I am in New Jersey.  Thursday night I will be at St. John the Baptist Parish in Hillsdale.  Monday night I will be at Holy Trinity Parish in Westfield (co- hosted by St Helen's Catholic Community).  I got my start working on this important issue during my novitiate in New Jersey, so it will be interesting to come back to where my own passion was ignited to end human trafficking.

I'm sure I will check in a bit over the next week, but if not you know where I am!

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