Yay Family

I am on a mini weekend break with my big sis, her family and my 16 year old niece who is visiting from California. I have not been on a family vacation for a long time. It is always surprising to me how quickly a family road trip can reset your batteries.

Family fun is important. As we get older, distances get larger and we spend more time on our own lives/ families or helping out with Dad's medical issues. Hence we necessarily spend less family fun time together. But when I think back to my best memories of my own family, it is family trips to the beach or road trips that stand out most. It is important I think to step outside of our daily lives to come together for some family fun time.

Of course having kids along makes it a blast. So far we have spent time at the arcade (which to my delight and the dismay of my brother-in-law does not have any violent games!) And the water park. Tomorrow it is back to the water park. Then my niece and I are going to the spa to get pedicures before the family heads back to Chicago.

When we walked around the shops in town earlier today I saw a magnet that says "Yay Family." With all the ups and downs of family life it is good to remember the joyful fun part too!

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