Quality Time

Just back from my weekend visiting the groovy sisters. Much to do to get ready for work tomorrow, but just wanted to report that it was indeed a blessed weekend .. thanks Regina Clare and others for the wishes and prayers!!

I was able to spend some quality "girl time" with one of the other pre-candidates. Had a great meeting with my contact person and have lots more material on the history and charism of the order to read. Then spent the afternoon with Sisters and Associates for a "Community Day" of prayer and reflection on spirituality in the workplace. And the spot with my name on it was right where I left it ….

Occasionally I still wonder what the hell I’m doing considering religious life, but more and more (like right now) I am just so thankful to God for inviting me on this journey and filled with hope. Spending a weekend like this where everything just flows naturally, where you feel at home and at peace. Not to mention finding a group of women who embody with integrity and energy the spirit you find in your own heart, well … it’s pretty cool.

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Regina Clare Jane said...

Oh, Susan, I am so happy that your weekend was a blessed one! It sounds wonderful! I look forward to joining you on your journey and I will keep you in my prayers.