BC and Jubilee

After work (where I will try my best not to become a mole), I’m headed up to Seattle again for another episode of groovy sister reserves. Although this time I’m also fitting in a whirlwind family visit … Friday morning I’ll wake up before the crack of dawn to drive from my weekend groovy sister pad in Seattle to Vancouver BC to check out the University of British Columbia with my almost-college-age nephew and his mom. I haven’t seen them in a few years, so it’s worth the 3 hour drive (each way). The weather’s going to be rainy rather than spectacular. I had wanted him to see Vancouver in all its glory with the mountains and the water. Hopefully the school itself will be enough of a draw. It would be great to have family in the Northwest. Of course I’m headed East for Novitiate in September, but I hope/plan to be back.

Saturday I’ll be back in Seattle because it’s a big day for the groovy sisters …. the Jubilee Liturgy & Celebration! For those not in the know “Jubilees” are to religious life what “Anniversaries” are to married life. We’ll be celebrating 3 Sisters who have been Sisters of St Joseph of Peace for 70 years, 2 for 60 years and 4 for 50 years. One of the 50th Jubilarians is one of my groovy sister housemates, so it will be extra fun to join in the celebrations. Those of you who know what my singing voice is like will find it amusing that I am once again in the choir! I've got an ok voice, and it's amazing how it seems to just come together. Plus last year the choir practice was the most fun I'd had in a long long time.

Last year I had just decided to apply to become a candidate at the Jubilee. And now I’m headed to novitiate. There will be lots of joy and much laughter this weekend. It is always so amazing when we all get together. That’s when you know there’s something to this whole business. Such energy!!!

So, I’ll be busy this weekend. May or may not have time to check in. If not, have a wonderful weekend my bloggy friends!!

Peace Out

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Steph said...

Hey, what a coinkidink ... we've got Jubilee this weekend too!

Have a good trip --- and enjoy the continued countdown!