being Catholic - a fabric of voices

A few weeks ago I wrote here about how the public radio show Speaking of Faith was soliciting stories from real everyday Catholics. Well, not only can you hear the voices of a few Catholics on the show this week, but they've set up a website with hundreds of stories: The Beauty and Challenge of Being Catholic: Hearing the Faithful.
We received hundreds of essays in response to our query about what anchors and unsettles our Catholic audience. So we asked some of you to speak about your tradition. The moving reflections we heard prompted us to depart from our usual format and bring you a fabric of voices from the Church itself.
The website has an interactive map where you can see where the different story tellers live, as well as sorts responses under the particular themes of The Changing Face of Catholicism, Community in the Sacraments, Finding Stability in a Moored Tradition, Seeing the Church Anew, and Wrestling with the Church.

Definitely worth a listen and a visit!

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